Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Waiting Game Part 4 - Catching Up on Entertainment

Jonathon is an incoming member, waiting to begin serving with AmeriCorps NCCC this October.

My name is Jonathon. In the days leading up to October I’m mainly doing lazy stuff, such as binge watching TV shows. In addition I’m also trying to get a little more in shape.

There are a lot of TV shows I've wanted to watch and am in the process of watching.  As October is coming up, I might as well finish what I started. The TV show I’m watching the most right now is Hannibal. I've always been a fan of the books and movies; I loved season 1, but as season 2 started I got occupied with other things.

Next is Once Upon a Time. My friend told me about it one day, and I was addicted from episode 3 or so. I ended up binge watching seasons 1 and 2, but again fell behind when season 3 started. It’s a drawback of always getting interested in other series.

There are many shows on Netflix I’d like to binge watch such as American Horror Story, season 3 of Sherlock, Jekyll, Bates Motel, so many others I’m hoping to at least knock 2 or 3 out of way before October.

In addition to binge watching, I’m hoping to get in shape before leaving, I haven’t exactly been active since graduating high school a few years back, and figured now’s a good of time as any. Biking, walking, jogging - I don’t know many exercise routines, but I do what I can.  I’m pretty excited about the required exercise when I get to campus.

That about sums up what I’m doing outside my part time job before leaving in October. Now I’d like to talk about why and what I’m excited for about AmeriCorps.

I decided to join AmeriCorps NCCC for several reasons. I always wanted to help the community in some way, but never really found a way in the place I live. After hearing about AmeriCorps, I decided to sign up. 

I’m hoping AmeriCorps will also help me develop some skills to succeed in the world.  With the education award after finishing my service, I’d like to go to college to help work towards a dream of getting into zoology. I’m a bit nervous as the days go by before AmeriCorps starts, but I’m excited as well.

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