Thursday, May 22, 2014

From 2009 to 2014 - 5 Years of Service with Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust

AmeriCorps NCCC teams have served with Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust since 2009. 

The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust has been exceptionally fortunate that we have had the opportunity to partner with the National Civilian Community Corps teams since 2009.  Each team we have hosted has brought something new to the table and taken with them an amazing experience in the Pacific Northwest.

NCCC has played a considerable role in working towards the Greenway Trust’s mission to inspire action to
conserve the Greenway landscape, creating a healthy balance between people and nature. With over 900,000 acres of public land within the Greenway landscape, there unfortunately are not enough resources to maintain the health of this landscape. By hosting NCCC teams, we increase the number of natural areas and trails that we are able attend.

An NCCC team planting trees in Ellensburg, WA in 2011. 

Over the past four years, NCCC teams have worked throughout the entire Greenway landscape. They have maintained and repaired some of the most heavily used trails in the state, such as Mt. Si and Tiger Mountain, as well as building brand new trails to open recreation in new areas of the Greenway. NCCC has also spent many hours improving restoration sites to allow for healthy and abundant wildlife habitat by planting native trees and shrubs and removing invasive plants. If our natural lands are not healthy, they will not be able to provide the habitat needed for wildlife to thrive. Not only has NCCC been immeasurably helpful in restoring these lands, they have also helped us engage local community members in stewarding their public lands.

By having NCCC help facilitate weekly volunteer events, we have been able to engage more community members in environmental restoration and trail maintenance projects. With the added leadership of NCCC team members, we have the ability to host larger, high-energy events that leave everyone feeling accomplished and excited to come out and volunteer again. With NCCC’s help, we are able to engage and inspire significantly more community members than we would ordinarily, and that contribution is invaluable.

Working with NCCC has been an amazing experience. By far the most wonderful thing to me is getting to meet, work with, and teach NCCC team members about this wonderful landscape they are working on and all they good they are doing to help maintain it. The team members I have worked with have been some of the most engaged, excited, and hardworking people I have encountered. It’s been an absolute joy to watch them come out here with no knowledge of the natural landscape and then leave at the end of their round as experienced woodsmen and women.  I don’t think we’ll ever be able to adequately convey our appreciation to the team members who put their whole hearts into the work that they do and the lasting impact that their work has in our region.

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