Friday, March 14, 2014

#femacorpsfriday - Where Are They Now?

Every #femacorpsfriday in March, we'll be profiling former FEMA Corps members - asking them why and where they served, and what they've been doing since graduation. If you're interested in learning more about FEMA Corps after reading their stories, visit, or send your questions to

This week we're talking with Lizzie from the Southern Region, who served last year with FEMA Corps as a Voluntary Agency Liasion and AmeriCorps NCCC Media Rep.

Where are you from, and what were you doing before serving with FEMA Corps?
I started out in Eaton, New Hampshire and after some years at a university, I had ended up working at a resort in the White Mountains, saving up/waiting for the next big thing.
Why did you decide to join FEMA Corps?
I had been looking for an opportunity to do some long-term volunteer work helping others, so after being offered placement in FEMA Corps and taking a look at Americorps's track record, I realized it was a perfect fit.
What is one of your most memorable FEMA Corps experiences?
It is honestly hard to pick because there are so many, but there is one that actually came up recently. A few of my team members and I were working on a Disaster Case Management project for Hurricane Isaac and were assigned to make phone calls to those who had filed with us, really just letting them know that we were still working on their cases. Although most people were generally appreciative of our assurances, I had one woman who I ended up on the line with for close to five minutes, just listening to how much it meant that someone, somewhere was still thinking of her and her family and still cared; she tried to tell me a bit of her story, but ended up constantly interrupting herself with profuse expressions of thanks. My teammate also experienced a similar case in which he spoke with a man who actually burst into tears for the same reason: someone cared.
Where was your favorite area to serve?  

I thoroughly enjoyed everywhere we were deployed to, but I honestly loved New York. The city provided an incredible range of volunteer opportunities both as a member of FEMA Corps as well as in an individual capacity.
What was the most challenging part of your service experience?
FEMA Corps Class 19 of the Southern Region was a group of some of the most driven and wonderful-hearted people I’ve ever met. Because of this, though, despite all the good they often didn’t realize they were doing, it was never enough. A person’s story of how they had done something great often turned into a frustrated recollection of how they should have done more, and before you knew it, those thoughts had completely negated the good they had done. A volunteer’s confidence in their work may not seem like that crucial of an aspect in community service considering the ultimate goal, but the lack of it definitely caused morale to take some dips that every team had to deal with. It sometimes just took people a while to realize the effects of what they were doing.
Where and what are you currently studying?


I am currently a student at University of West Florida working on B.A.s in both Cultural Anthropology and International Studies, eventually continuing on to study Human Rights.
How have you applied the skills and experiences you gained while serving with FEMA Corps as an anthropology student?
The experience I’ve gained that I’ve personally found to be the most applicable has been in recognizing the gravity of the situations we were responding to and the diversity in the particular areas we worked in; having extreme sensitivity to both and incorporating them into specific responses is honestly one of the most important skills necessary for my current and future fieldwork.
Do you have any advice for folks applying to serve with FEMA Corps and/or currently serving FEMA Corps members? 
Go for it. Get into it. Make your time count, and realize that what you are doing is helping, that it is amazing, and so are you for doing it.

Thanks Lizzie! Next week we'll hear from Jordan, who served with FEMA Corps, and now works at FEMA headquarters.


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    tinh dầu bưởi giúp tóc nhanh dàiSau mỗi lần ăn bưởi bạn không nên vứt bở mà đem phơi khô và cất giữ cẩn thận.
    cách bảo quản tinh dầu bưởiBạn cho vỏ bưởi vào trong nồi, đổ ngập nước và nấu trong khoảng thời gian từ 15 cho đến 20 phút là đã cho ra thành phẩm.
    tinh dầu bưởi nguyên chất mua ở đâuNếu muốn đảm bảo chất lượng tốt thì bạn có thể nấu cho cạn nước. Phần nước còn sót lại trong đáy nồi chính là tinh dầu bưởi.
    tinh dầu bưởi loại nào tốtVới nguồn nguyên liệu dễ kiếm và cách tự làm tinh dầu bưởi nguyên chất tại nhà đơn giản như trên thì chị em phụ nữ hoàn toàn có thể sở hữu những lọ tinh dầu bưởi trong nhà mình
    tinh dầu bưởi và dầu gội bưởiTừ những miếng đã cắt ra này, bạn dùng tay để vắt và nặn hết tinh dầu vào trong lọ thủy tinh, rồi đổ nước lọc vào lắc đều.


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