Thursday, November 1, 2012

The AMERIBROTHERS and the Wall

Based on the true story of three men on Raven 1 and their epic saga of removing a foundation wall from the ground to make room for post holes for a fence.

Three AmeriBrothers faced adversity this week. Completion of a simple task halted by a wall of stone embedded in the infinite earth. The early morning air filled the breath of the AmeriBrothers giving them life to tackle this ancient wall.  They chipped, axed, and hammered, but yet the wall remained. The afternoon sun beat down its heat on their backs and faces zapping their strength from them and testing their will and still they hammered on. But yet the wall still remained. The day was done, but the battle was not.

Another day came to the AmeriBrothers and with that day came the wall unmoved and unchanged. And so the fight raged on, axe to stone, and hammer to earth. With weary bones and sweaty bodies, the AmeriBrothers powered through the day and yet the wall still remained unmoved and unchanged.

The AmeriBrothers came the next day drained, devoid of strength, and their muscles screaming to rest. They were motivated by only one thought: Today is the day, the day the wall moved. The day the wall will change. This day the wall will fall. Each AmeriBrother gripped their axes and hammers so tight their knuckles turned white. They attacked the wall with a new fire and determination. There was no time. There was no pain. The only sound they heard was metal to stone. Then they each stopped suddenly at once when a marvelous sight came to their eyes. The wall cracked. They looked at each other and smiled. The unspoken thought of victory entered their minds. Today was the day.

Again the sound of metal to stone rang in their ears along with the welcome sound of crumbling rock. The AmeriBrothers hit faster, hit harder until there was nothing left to hit the wall was gone. Nothing but dust, rubble, and invisible memory was to be lost in the dirt. The AmeriBrothers stood among the ruins of their formidable enemy and breathed a great sigh of relief, letting the silence of their victory humble their young and tired hearts. They released their tools from their aching fingers and placed them on the shoulder of the brother next to them. The day was done. The battle was won and the AmeriBrothers stood proud.

“It takes as much courage to have tried and failed as it does to have tried and succeeded.”
Romerio Scott


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