Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Skylar pulls through doubts and missing life at home

Read an honest account from Skylar on the Raven 1 team about her moments of doubt and missing her life back home. Despite missing some important events in the lives of her family members, Skylar sees that there is so much good to do in AmeriCorps NCCC and her new team is inspiring her to continue with NCCC.

I love my family and would do anything for them. I love the days when we have family dinner, play a game or when we just talk and laugh so hard I cry. I can't stand being away from them and missing important moments in their lives: like my nephew's first birthday; helping my sister plan her wedding; or simply eating dinner with my parents.

Skylar stops mulching for a photo op at Winterthur Museum
Of course, there are hard days in AmeriCorps NCCC. There are days when I forget why I am here and just want to go home, even if it’s just for a day. Although t has been hard being away from my family this first round of projects, I have been constantly reminded why I am doing this. I want to tell you about some moments that have kept me going and encouraged me to stay with NCCC and Raven 1. While I love and miss my family dearly, I have so many reasons to continue to serve.

Some of my most memorable times were small things like enjoying the beauty of the gardens at Winterthur. Or a hard day’s work of pulling out invasive trees and the satisfaction I got when I heard the “CRACK” of the roots being broken, meaning I could finally move on to the next one.

I also get those reminders of purpose during a really inspiring project, like Connecticut Mission of Mercy. Having the opportunity to set up a dental clinic, and then seeing it actually up and running was such an amazing experience. After two days, 2,000 people received dental care, many of them without a chance of seeing a dentist without the clinic. I really can't do justice to the experience with my descriptions. It was quite overwhelming to see our project sponsor and all the other volunteers work just as long as we did. Everyone was in such high spirits and always made sure we were OK and everything was running smoothly. It was truly moving to see people with so much passion for their mission. I left there with memories I will never forget.  

Skylar provides dental assistance at Connecticut Mission of Mercy Dental Clinic
 Then there are those days that I look around at my team and know that I wouldn’t want to share this experience with anyone else.  I feel truly blessed to have everyone on my team as my teammates. One of those days happened on Easter Sunday. We all basically spent the day as a team making brunch, coloring Easter eggs, and we even made Easter baskets for each other and hid them around the house. The prize for being the first person to find your bag was the privilege of not cleaning for a week! Unfortunately, the person who hid my bag was quite good, and I was the last one to find it.  Later that day, we had an Easter egg hunt with Henry as our Easter bunny who hid the eggs all over the "Enchanted Garden" at Winterthur. And that night, we feasted on a delicious turkey dinner! Days like that make me realize I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

So while I would love to be back home to see my nephew, or pick out flowers with my sister, or share that meal with my parents, I realize that, for now, I'm right where I need to be. It’s rare to have a group that meshes as well as we do. My team might be a little eccentric at times, or completely awkward, and maybe kind of quirky, but together we “R1” and I wouldn’t have it any other way!
“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach the stars to change the world” – Harriet Tubman


  1. Leaving my family to go on my own NCCC adventure was hard. I can't certainly empathize with some of the feelings mentioned in this post. However the feeling of leaving home in many ways was less difficult than the moment when I realized I would be saying goodbye to my NCCC team. To this day I still get a little emotional about our departure. We shared so many wonderful memories that to this day we rekindle through postcards, visits, and telephone calls.

    Best of luck in your continuing adventure!

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  2. Hang in there Skylar. I'm sure your family miss you just as much. The memories and wonderful experiences you are living right now it's something you will take home with you and one day when you look back you will be glad you went and know you made friends for life. Enjoy your time there because your family will always be waiting for you to get back home no matter what. You will have so much to talk about when you go on walks to pick flowers with your sister. The family dinners will be so full of great conversations. You have all that to look forward to but in the mean time keep those memories and experiences coming.

  3. @Josh, very good point. I see lots of emotional farewells each year at graduation.

  4. @Josh We love our team...feels like a second family. I mean you can't pick 'em but we couldn't have picked better : )
    @Ana I'm sure Skylar is already planning her trips to see her Ameri-family after Ameri-life!

  5. K, Sky you made my cry! We miss you so much. And I am so humbled to be your mom! See you in a few weeks.

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  13. I was in Skylar a few times. Great place!

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