Monday, April 23, 2012

Raven 1 Team: Meet Ashley from California

 Now that you’ve seen the Raven 1 team introduction video, it’s time to hear directly from the members of Raven 1.Meet Ashley from the Raven 1 blog team, she represents the Atlantic Region Corps on the Community Council.

From: California
Age: 23

Before NCCC:  I recently just graduated from college. I was working at an after school program. There weren't too many job opportunities available and felt like I was waiting around for something to happen. I figured that I might as well create my own path and do something interesting instead of waiting around.

About me: I graduated from Sonoma State University with a BA in Sociology. My professional experience of working/mentoring at risk youth, being a camp counselor, and recreational leader is balanced by my hobbies of playing basketball and other sports,  going for hikes, and photography

Team Specialty RoleCommunity Council Representative

Most excited about this year: To step out of my comfort zone. By doing this I feel it will give me more confidence in life after AmeriCorps.

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