Friday, November 18, 2011

This is it

So we have served our time in Minot. It was a long two-day journey, but we made it. Since driving from Minot to Vinton is more than 10 hours, NCCC rules say that we must stop somewhere for the night. For this project, we were given a single budget for a hotel on the way to Minot and for one on the way back. Since we stayed in a less than spectacular hotel in Fargo on the way there, we had a little more to spend on the way back, allowing us to stay in Bloomingdale, MN, just minutes from Mall of America and Minneapolis (they even had a shuttle!).

Now we are back on campus doing closure activities. Many of these are similar to what we do during project transitions, like community meetings, project debriefs, team check-ins with unit leaders, rep role meetings and tool/equipment check-ins.

At the end of our round 4 debrief, Greg does a rap closure.

This is closure, though; it’s the end of the year of service! That means that we have to make it special. At the beginning of the year, we did physical fitness baselines, so of course we have to do baselines again to see how we’ve improved (hopefully!). We’re having a few meetings to learn about our opportunities after AmeriCorps. Some college credit test practice and testing is going on. We’re having another Cultural Coffeehouse session (talent show) and an AmeriProm.

One thing I am majorly excited about is the Unit-Palooza. Previously, it’s been referred to the AmeriLympics. No one has released very many details about it yet, but it’s supposed to be the ultimate team vs. team competition. At the beginning of the year, every team received “Legacy words of wisdom” from their respective teams from Class 16. Old Maple 4 said they “never lost anything, ever,” so we’re going to work hard to live up to that expectation.

Speaking of “Legacy,” we get to make a team flag and get to paint a team wall mural.

Our “wall” mural is actually on a pillar in middle of the room. We are very happy about this as it allows us to work a little more creatively. I’m not going to give anything away, so if you want to see our mural, you’ll just have to stop by the Vinton NCCC campus. :) But if you want a sneak peek.

The two nights before graduation is an awards banquet to recognize certain accomplishments in the Corps, specifically how Gaby and I broke the campus record for most media hits this year (50!).

Every day is coming up faster than the one before it. It’s fun and scary at the same time. Just as fast as we were all put in the same team, we’ll be thrust apart. I’m really going to miss my team, but I’m happy to have all of my memories.

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