Monday, November 21, 2011

An Open Letter to our Readers

The time has come. Maple 4 is graduating November 17, 2011. This means no more projects, no more briefings, no more van rides and especially no more PT.

The team has completed over 16,000 hours of community service work in Infrastructure Improvement, Environmental Stewardship and Conservation, Urban and Rural Development, Energy Conservation, and Natural and Other Disaster Relief. The team created a quarter mile and maintained three miles of trail in Cincinnati, OH. They provided park maintenance to four parks in Vinton, IA. When the team went to Marquette, MI they worked with over 100 children under 17 and improved a day care in order to be state accredited. In Minot, ND they helped 31 homeowners recover some part of their homes that were flooded in June 2011.

This is just from one team. There are 18 other teams in the North Central Region that served at the same time in Class 17 and many more across the country.

We really enjoyed working on the blog. We hope that you enjoyed reading it. We hope that it gave an intimate insight into an AmeriCorps NCCC team.

With Love,

Maple 4

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