Thursday, November 3, 2011

My First Root Canal

During project round three, I chipped my tooth while swinging a hammer. It really didn’t hurt that bad when it happened, but I knew later the pain would come. At the end of the round, my tooth was in crazy pain, but I was too afraid to go to the dentist.

When fourth round came, the pain was so bad I had to start using Ora-gel. The Ora-gel helped a little bit, but the pain was unbelievable. It was so bad I almost took some sick days off of work, but I kept working like always. Everyone on our team kept telling me to go to the dentist but I was seriously scared. So one day I got tired of the pain and made an appointment at Greer and Greer Dentist Office.

Greg and Dr. Tom

When I went to the dentist, Dr. Tom told me I needed a root canal and he wanted to fix it for me. He set up another appointment and told me to get ready.

I went back a couple days later and was scared for my life. Everyone kept telling me that it “wouldn’t be so bad” and “don’t worry.” When I was waiting in the lobby, there were kids in there making fun of me. They were trying to make me even more scared, but they were actually kind of funny and made me laugh a little bit.

Greg getting drilled
Dr. Tom called me to the back and started on my root canal. Darcy was in there with me to provide me a little bit of company. I also watched a little bit of The Price is Right on TV.

Long story short, I had fun with Dr. Tom and Darcy, my tooth doesn’t hurt anymore, and the dentist isn’t bad after all.

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