Thursday, November 3, 2011

Maple 4-A Series of Events

Gaby, Hillary and Christina with Fred who volunteered with us from Seattle

The girls on Maple 4 mucked and gutted a house with a volunteer named Fred a couple weeks ago. We took out a bathroom, shelves, flooring, drywall, and walls. We also had a chance to try using a sledgehammer and a saws-all. This house was also the first house we got the chance to return to and sanitize it as well. It is now ready to be buttoned up for winter.

Taking a break to enjoy some Gatorade that Fred made us

Lutheran Disaster Response, our sponsor, received a donation of 4 osculating heads for the power washers. This head for the power washer is a beast; it takes the dirt and mold off the studs much easier than the normal head. It cuts down the time it takes us to finish a house to about a third of what it was before. We can now sanitize 2-3 houses a day if we split into two teams of four.

The town we live in, Granville, had four town cats, probably strays that roam the streets. There is a black and white cat, a grey and white cat and a grey tiger cat. I have tried getting all three cats to come over and let me pet them, one hid under a car, another in the alley way and the last stayed by a tree and stared at me. I usually am standing in the street or on the sidewalk cooing and calling for them; they ignore me completely and seem a little nervous. They don’t let me get too close. They are all so cute though, I wish I could take them home. The grey and white one looks exactly like Henry, my cat at home.

Cat down the street

We finally found a herd of buffalo. They live over the train tracks in town and down the street a couple miles into the country. We pulled the van over and walked up the fence of their enclosure. At first they all stood about 20-30 feet away from us and stood there staring us down suspiciously. Finally after about 10 minutes the lead buffalo started to walk closer to get a better look at us. We took some pictures but made sure not to get too close. The last time I saw a herd of buffalo was when I was 7 in my hometown, a local man had some. We used to go and feed them grass through the fence, until one day one of the buffalo horned me in the eyebrow through the fence.

Maple 4 also received our first support vehicle, so now in addition to our big red van; we have another dark blue one. It’s lucky we got it, because Sam ended up breaking his ankle, so we have to use it to get him to work every day, without it we wouldn’t have enough room because he has to use a whole row of seats to put his leg up.

Lucille, our contact at the church where we live, had the team over to her house for dinner. She made us an amazing meal; there was turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, two different salads, apple pie and much more. It was like a Thanksgiving dinner and delicious. We also played a game called “Things”, we had a ton of fun! Lucille is wicked nice, we all love having her around!

Team with Lucille

One day the Maple 4 girls got sent to a house about 30 minutes outside of town. Our site supervisor Jeff was leading us out there, the road to the house ended up being closed because the bridge going over the river had to large sink holes in either side. We ended up having to take a 45 minutes detour all the way back out and around on dirt roads in the middle of fields and farm land. The roads were pretty muddy and slippery because it had been drizzling all day. We got the van pretty dirty from all the mud. When we made it to the house we found a few large families of frogs living both inside and outside the house. They were hopping around all over the place. When we went into the basement to find a water source to hook up the power washers too, we found a drainage hole full of water that had about 30-40 more frogs in there swimming around and sitting on the bottom. It was crazy; I have never seen so many frogs in my life!

Frogs in a bucket



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