Friday, April 29, 2011

Excellent Adventures with Ted

For this project, Ted was our team's site supervisor. He is an awesome person to be around. He has been very helpful to the team on and off the trail. Ted knows a lot about nature and animals and can tell you anything about any plant that is seen along the trail. A few years ago, Ted suffered a stroke and has problems climbing up and down the trail. Daily, our team leader Darcy or Brad (our assistant team leader for this round) would give Ted rides in the golf cart up and down the trail. Even though Ted had suffered from this stroke it doesn't stop him. He is always on time for work at eight o'clock in the morning happy and ready. Ted is only 57 but he acts like he's 35. He loves to have fun with us on the trail and make jokes. He will be greatly missed by the team when we leave Cincinnati. (Site Supervisor, Ted, and me, Greg, pictured left)



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